Meet LightningPHP

I have been writing an application that is planned to scale pretty big. This means that every 1% of processing time saved turns into a big bottom line difference in the budget. I created LightningPHP to work very similar to CodeIgniter but to more importantly and always foremost run extremely fast. During my tests, my code ran 15 times faster with HHVM and LightningPHP over Codeigniter, PHP and Apache.

Google's new "inbox" freaks me out...

found a way to get an invite to Inbox and quickly deployed it to all my devices. I then went through every option available. The idea is that you take an action on every item (which is now more than just email now) that comes into your inbox...

Just switched this blog to Jekyll

I was browsing around on YouTube a few nights ago and found a hot new thing to try out - Jekyll. Jekyll is a ruby gem that generates your blog from a set of posts, templates and pages. This might seem insane, but when you look into it - there are a lot of things I like about it:

Redis Clustering - Setup on Centos 6 and Advanced Failover Testing

My new project Sophia requires a ton of database calls. When I say a ton, I mean a TON. Thankfully, the tech world has JUST started vetting exactly the solution I need: Redis clustering.

Blurry colors and/or bleeding colors with hard to read text on Samsung SynchMaster P2370HD when hooked to HDMI on PC

So I just picked up a new GTX465 and was pleased as punch. The back of the new card has two DVI outs and a wonderful new little HDMI out in place of what used to be S-Video or whatever.

Bash connection monitoring with ping and tracert

My mom was complaining of her internet going out tonight, so I wrote a quick bash script to monitor her pings.

Google is brutal with sitemap errors. Be Warned!

Google has de-listed my game servers startup from its indexes. I went from a steadily climbing position to being not listed instantly. Why you ask? What pisses off the Google gods? Not much, apparently.

Game Servers... not 'SEVERS'! A tale of Google SEO.

If you've ever tried to get your website ranked in a high volume search with Google, it's basically a life long quest. It's so much of a quest that people who know very few facts about the topic are actually paid good consulting money in order to take their best guesses at how to get better rankings.